KAMSC made U Chicago undergrad seem easy.
Amber Meriwether (2004)
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The Kalamazoo Area Mathematics and Science Center is a regional enrichment center serving both public and private school districts in the counties of Kalamazoo and St. Joseph.
Our onsite program serves students residing in the Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency (KRESA) service area. We also provide professional learning and outreach programs to fulfill our primary mission of enriching the quality of mathematics and science education for all students in Kalamazoo and St. Joseph Counties.

KAMSC is a member of the Michigan Math and Science Centers Network and a founding member of the National Consortium of Secondary STEM Schools.  The Michigan Math and Science Centers Network is a statewide collaboration of 33 STEM Centers.  The Network is a core element of the system of support for K-12 STEM education in Michigan.  We Provide high quality STEM opportunities that can reach every child in our state either through direct student services or by providing teacher professional learning.

Our membership includes Directors with expertise in every facet of STEM and STEM education.  Therefore, the Network is both a catalyst and resource for educational innovation.  State and national initiatives can be quickly mobilized throughout Michigan because of the strong working relationships that individual Centers maintain with their constituent schools, teachers and students.  Center Directors also nurture and sustain collaborations between business and industry partners and their local stakeholders.

- Director Dr. Michael Tanoff 
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Current 9th - 11th graders, wishing to apply to enter the KAMSC high school pull-out program as 10th - 12th graders for 2018-19:
Entrance exam will be held on Thursday March 29 at 1:30 PM at KAMSC.

Entrance exam registration forms and information booklets are available through the "admissions" tab at the top of this home page under "applying to kamsc."

Please phone the KAMSC office, 269-337-0004, if additional information is sought at this time. Admission to the 10th 11th, and 12th grades at KAMSC is dependent on available seats.  All students who reside in, and attend a public, private, parochial, or home school in the KRESA service area, are eligible for admission.  The minimum mathematics requirement varies by grade: students must have completed a geometry course before starting the tenth grade; an Algebra II course before starting the eleventh grade; and a pre-calculus course before starting the twelfth grade.
KAMSC APPLICATION / ADMISSIONS SCHEDULE (for current 8th graders wishing to enter the KAMSC high school pull-out prgram Fall 2018):
The KAMSC application / admissions schedule has been somewhat relaxed over the schedule that was announced in the fall:

Wednesday  March 29 --- letters of invitation, wait list, and regret, mailed home to applicants

Tuesday April 10 --- deadline to appeal admissions decision

Wednesday April 11 --- Q & A session for admitted students

Wednesday April 18 --- deadline to accept KAMSC offers of admission

Tuesday - Thursday, May 1 - 3 --- 8th grader visits to KAMSC (AM), algebra readiness test (PM)
Parents and guardians of KAMSC students are encouraged to monitor student progress through the Synergy PVUE application.

KAMSC uses Synergy to track and communicate grades and other information.

Information on using the Synergy system is available through the "links" link toward the left side of this page. The "Synergy Parent VUE" and "Synergy Student VUE" links may be found toward the bottom of the "links" page.

All parents and guardians of returning KAMSC students should have received login information for the Synergy system last year and those logins remain valid.

Parents and guardians of new KAMSC students should received PVUE login information in the first month of school. Those logins will remain valid throughout the student's time at KAMSC.


KAMSC follows the Kalamazoo Public Schools schedule for snow days.

If KPS is closed for a snow day, KAMSC is closed.

If KPS is in session during inclement weather, KAMSC is also in session.

Students whose district school is closed for a snow day on a day that KAMSC is open are strongly encouraged to consider safety first when deciding whether or not to attend their KAMSC classes.

If KAMSC weekend activities, including the administration of entrance exams, need to be cancelled due to inclement weather, announcements will be posted on this web site and through radio stations WKZO (590 AM, 96.5 FM), WVFM (106.5 FM), The FAN (1660 AM), The Touch (1560 AM, 95.5 FM), WTVB (1590 AM), and WNWN (98.5 FM), as well as through WMMT TV 3, .

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