KAMSC Physics. The only place where you can lose 70 points on a 20 point problem.
Abhiram Krishnan (2013)
Profile of a Typical KAMSC Student

Should I apply to the KAMSC Program?

The decision is often not an easy one.  The information listed below represents a composite of most of the students in the KAMSC program but in no way represents a definitive and exclusive set of qualifiers. The items are presented as a means for you to compare student qualifications with those that fit the profile of a typical KAMSC student. If you have questions or would like further explanation on any of the below items, please contact us.

Typical students in the program have:

  • above a B average in math, science and English classes in high school
  • scores higher than 40 out of 72 on the KAMSC entrance exam

  • While these items are consistent with most of the students enrolled in KAMSC, there are exceptions. (For example, more than 15% of the students admitted to KAMSC earn entrance exam scores of 40 or less.)  In addition to these items, the KAMSC Applicant Review Panel also considers: student responses to the application questionnaire, student writing samples, teacher recommendations and evaluations of student performance, and characteristics of success such as self-motivation and responsibility.

    Please do not treat the items listed above as required standards for acceptance. They are provided for guidance purposes only.

    NOTE: Students must be enrolled in an Algebra I or higher level math class during their 8th grade year.

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