KAMSC made my college classes easy...and my friends hate me for that.
Keenan McCormick (2006)
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KAMSC Students’ Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find help with my classwork?
First stop: ask your teacher. Your teachers want you to succeed and may have the best ideas for what can help you. Make coming to open lab to meet with teachers and study groups a habit. Contact Ms. Joyce if you are interested in working with a tutor or want to talk about how to make your study habits more effective.

What are the Michigan graduation requirements?
Go to for current requirements. Most KAMSC students will easily fulfill these requirements. KAMSC classes fulfill the college readiness and online course experience requirements for the Michigan graduation requirements. If a student cannot take a PE/Health or Fine Arts class because of a scheduling problem he or she needs to contact his or her home school counselor to request a Personal Curriculum Modification.

What is the role of the KAMSC Student Advocate (Ms. Joyce)?
I support students during their KAMSC experience. What this looks like so far: holding career seminars with every grade; meeting with students and parents for college, academic and social advice; networking with college representatives; monitoring student achievement; and facilitating communication with staff, parents and community.

What factors are most important for college admittance?
As a general rule, your grade point average (GPA) and the rigor of your classes are the most important factors. Colleges also focus on test scores and your activities during high school. Colleges like to see students stretching themselves and taking AP and Honors courses, but some students can’t pull off As and Bs in these more difficult courses. At what point is any possible “positive” to stretching counterbalanced by the fact that a student may get lower grades? Selective colleges do like to see students taking the most challenging curriculum available to them. However, C grades can raise red flags that a student has not mastered the course content. Like college, high school courses can be about finding a good fit for individual students.

Will my KAMSC grades be weighted?
KAMSC teachers grade you on a 4.0 scale. Any weighting is up to your home school. Each home school has a different policy about whether it weights grades and which KAMSC classes it weights. Check with your home school guidance office for more information. Keep in mind that many colleges will recalculate your GPA using their own formula.