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Click on the document below to download a Ninth-Twelfth Grade College Preparation Timeline 

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What factors are most important for college admissions?

Your classes are the most important factors. Colleges will use grades, standardized test scores, and the rigor of your classes to assess your learning. Colleges also consider your other experiences and activities during high school.

When should I take a SAT subject test?

If you are considering a college that considers or requires SAT subject tests, the best time to take the test is right after you have completed a course and feel confident in that class. You could take the  SAT Math level 1 test after KAMSC Math 1 and the SAT Math level 2 test after KAMSC Math 3. has content overviews and practice questions for these tests.

How do I request a KAMSC transcript?

You can request KAMSC transcripts through When you request a digital transcript, a copy of our school profile (description of KAMSC) and course description will also be sent to that college.

How does the Student Advocate role differ from the role of the sending high school counselor in college applications?

My role complements the sending school counselor. Sending school counselors sometimes have very large caseloads and may not be able to spend as much time on college advising, I can focus on programs that are of high interest to KAMSC students. Students must request recommendations and transcripts from their sending school counselor.

What role does the KAMSC Student Advocate play in college planning and admissions?

·Hold seminars with each class to discuss college preparation, career planning and the KAMSC Career Paper (grades 9-11).

·Interview each senior in the fall and spring to discuss college application plans. Follow-up with each senior as needed (for this to work seniors update their status in the KAMSC database).

· Network with college admissions representatives (College Night, conferences, visits, personal contacts).

What extracurricular activities look best to a college?

Don't choose your activities based on how you think it might look on an application. KAMSC students blog about recipes, perform traditional dances, design robots and build nature trails. What are you interested in? Also, don't stress about being "well rounded." Colleges value commitment and leadership and do not expect this from every student in every area. Remember, colleges want to know "What are you bringing to our campus?"

When should I apply to college?

I recommend you submit your in-state applications before Halloween (October 31) of your senior year. Applications for the University of Michigan and Michigan State University should be in by the end of September to be most competitive. For private college and public colleges in other states, submit your application before Thanksgiving. For Kalamazoo College be aware of early deadlines for Heyl Scholarship applicants.

Who will write my counselor recommendation?

Your sending high school counselor will write your counselor recommendation. It is important to establish good communication with your counselor as your counselor will be the first point of communication if a college has any questions about your school record.

How do I request recommendation letters from KAMSC teachers?

KAMSC teachers are very supportive of your college aspirations, but also very busy. Ask a teacher who knows you well if she or he will write you a recommendation. Ask as early as junior spring and at least 2-3 weeks before the letter is due. Give your teacher a copy of your resume, who the letter is for and when the letter is due in writing. Of course a follow up note to say thank you or to let them know how your application turned out is always appreciated.

What is KAMSC College Night?

In late September, KAMSC hosts a panel of representatives from the top four college that KAMSC students attend: Kalamazoo College, Michigan State University, the University of Michigan and Western Michigan University. All students and families are invited to attend and hear information tailored to KAMSC students.

What responsibilities do KAMSC seniors have in the college application process?

Seniors keep a record of their college applications, acceptances and scholarships awarded in the Senior Survey database throughout their senior year.

What do I do if I am deferred to regular action?

Congratulations, they still might admit you…just not now. You may be considered again before final notifications are sent.  If this college is high on your wish list, send one or two updates of achievements, awards, etc.. These should be reported (if possible directly to the person reading applications from our area) as they happen. This puts your name on the list of people that they know still care.

How do I make a good decision?

Many KAMSC students have found a campus visit after being accepted to be one of the most helpful steps. The difference with this visit is that you will not only listen to your head, but will listen to your gut feeling. 

I'm accepted and I've decided. What do I do now?

Immediately send your deposit (or do what is necessary to make your commitment.)  Then, send a letter ASAP to the other colleges on your list to tell them that you have made another commitment.  While the odds are against another KAMSC student who is on a waitlist at this college being offered the spot that you just made available, this has happened.  This is also a matter of proper etiquette.  Pretend the person you are writing to will be on the graduate school admissions committee when you apply.  Again, the odds are tiny, but the admissions people truly appreciate it.

I am waitlisted. What does that mean?

It's time to send a deposit to a college that did accept you. Generally you should stop looking over your shoulder. If you choose to remain on this list, be aggressive about submitting new information. Colleges typically caution you about additional recommendations, etc.  Given that you have nothing to lose, go ahead and submit any new information.  To put things in perspective: there are KAMSC students who have come off the waitlist at selective colleges. In this case, some students chose to forfeit their other deposit and pursue this new opportunity.  This can be a difficult decision to make, especially when the new offer may come as late as July.

Denied admission?

 That's why you have applied to other colleges that are a great fit for you. And there's always grad school...