Honestly, I had to work harder for good grades at KAMSC than here at West Point.
Tom Anderson (2005)

Behind the Kalamazoo Area Mathematics and Science Center lies a vision that challenges the old boundaries. It is an idea that transcends the segmentation of society in the interest of a common goal - effective education. The university educator, the high school teacher, professional scientist, mathematician, public school system, private business, parents - all can unite their resources in the service of awakening a developing mind.

KAMSC, then, is a collaboration, a conflux of resources. It is a way of meeting our problems - the decline of scientific literacy, the shortage of technical manpower, dwindling federal support of education. All communities large and small face them. They are national problems, but their force is localized, communal. So must be their treatment.

The primary goal of KAMSC's on site program is to educate the scientific and technical leaders of tomorrow in an environment focused on the technical and intellectual needs of advanced public and private high school students in the Kalamazoo area.

KAMSC's curriculum is dynamic, to be developed and refined as the Center grows. Several principles, however, lie at the core. KAMSC's curriculum delivers programs in mathematics and science unavailable at any one school. It unites accelerated instruction with enrichment, encouraging students to probe challenging topics in each discipline in a technology enriched environment.

Communication skills and computer fluency are stressed. Research and experimentation with KAMSC staff and area professional scientists is encouraged. In all, the curriculum is deliberately innovative in both course content and in methods of delivery.

An integral part of the KAMSC approach is a mentorship program in which students work directly, one on one, with professional scientists, mathematicians, educators and other experts in the community to develop skills and deepen knowledge. An outreach program ensures that the Center's influence is broadened to the entire community.

But above all, beyond technique and equipment and innovation, lies a single goal: effective education. So that every student with particular aptitude for mathematics and/or science can say as one did last year, "I like the challenge. School has been easy until now, and I was bored. Now I'm never bored."
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