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Dr. Brenda Earhart


Dr. Earhart retired on July 29, 2011. She is looking forward to a very active time after KAMSC. Her previous bio is still available (below).

Dr. Earhart holds a master\'s degree in chemistry and a doctorate in educational leadership/administration. In 1987, Dr. Earhart became the first recipient of the Upjohn Doctoral Fellowship. During that time, while pursuing a doctorate degree in administration at Western Michigan University , she served in several capacities at the center.

Dr. Earhart responsibilities have included student recruitment, the coordination and implementation of the elementary science program and distribution center for Kalamazoo Public Schools , coordination and implementation of professional development in science and mathematics through the Kalamazoo Area Mathematics and Science Center for teachers in Kalamazoo and St. Joseph counties. She developed and implemented several outreach initiatives, including the elementary/middle school Summer Science Program and the Kalamazoo Math and Science Pre-college Engineering Program which serves as a vehicle for increasing the number of African Americans and other underrepresented students in the science, mathematics, and technology pipeline.

Professionally, Dr. Earhart serves as a member of several state organizations: the Michigan Assessment Team, the Equity in Science Leadership Team , Michigan Science Teachers Association, Michigan Council of Teacher of Mathematics and the Michigan Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. She is one of several authors of Connecting with the Learner: An Equity Toolkit published by North Central Regional Educational Laboratory. Dr. Earhart has presented at both state and national conferences.

Presently, she serves on the board of the Kalamazoo Nature Center and chairs the leadership committee of the Kalamazoo Women\'s Educational Coalition. The Coalition purpose is to provide renewable grant assistance to women who are currently underemployed or unemployed and are in need of education to become financially self-sufficient.
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