I walked into KAMSC hoping to make new friends...I walked out with a whole family.
Fatima Mirza (2011)
Ms. Laila Kalnins
AP Statistics
KAMSC Integ Math I/Geometry

Laila Kalnins received her Bachelor's degree with a major in math and minor in German from Western Michigan University. While she was teaching at Hackett Catholic Central High School in Kalamazoo, she earned her Master's degree in Math Education from Western Michigan University. She has been teaching at KAMSC since the fall of 1993.  In 2001 she became a National Board Certified Teacher.

Ms. Kalnins has presented beginner workshops on using the TI-83/84 and TI-92 calculator in the classroom for the Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics' and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' conferences and some area school districts. She has also taught a geometry class for elementary education students at Western Michigan University.

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