KAMSC got me to where i am now, and is going to help me get to where i want to be
Mitchell Coulter (2011)
Ms. Susan Fisher

Summer Program Facilitator

KAMSC's Sizzlin' Summer program delivers one- and two-week science, math and technology experiences for up to 1000 on-site students per year (pre-kindergarten through grade 11) as well as an additional approx. 300 children in a visiting science program at other sites including Kalamazoo City Recreation, Boys and Girls Clubs, and others. In addition to coordinating this major effort, Susan performs various tasks related to outreach implementation including elementary equipment loans, coordinating the annual GISMO conference for middle school girls, and providing science enrichments for after-school programs and special events. Susan is a former fifth-grade teacher; she grows plants and vegetables and substitutes in Kalamazoo Public School in her "spare time". She has been connected with KAMSC in a variety of capacities since 1990, when she joined the summer program as a teacher.

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