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Pat Sanders

Ms. Patricia Sanders

Administrative Secretary 

Ms. Sanders came to KAMSC in 2016 from a local elementary school.  For 10 years before her educational support career began, she managed a community mediation center serving three counties.  She organized and supervised volunteer mediators for local courts as well as mediated within many school districts and other points of referral.  During that time Ms. Sanders also served on the Board of Directors for Legal Aid of Western Michigan. 

Currently, Ms. Sanders volunteers for the NAACP Labor & Relations committee for conflict/resolution support. She is the proud grandmother of two adorable grandchildren, who she says were her inspiration for focused start an educational support.  “KAMSC is a unique school that offers the best in STEM education available in this area.  I am very proud to be here,  we can see the future walking in the hallways, in and out of the classrooms and I smile….Our future looks very bright!!”    

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